Get yourself familiar with uses of a Windows VPS

Category: General Info

A Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) is executed in a Microsoft OS named Windows Server. In a Windows VPS, a user can program the server to do anything they might wish. A Windows VPS offers a lot of features to develop and test software, as also hosting capabilities for many apps and useful services. So, we have 12 common uses for this kind of VPS.

1. Web Hosting.

The most common use for a Windows VPS is to host a website. Unlike shared hosting services that do not allow the installation of custom software without the consent of the hosting service provider, on a Windows VPS, the client has full control of the software installed on the virtual server.

2. Mail Servers.

Another popular use is to run e-mail servers in VPS (even Cheap Windows VPS). This allows direct control over the e-mail service instead of passing them through shared services systems. Using encryption software allows for a more secure email environment.

3. Backups.

Off-site backups of critical data are an absolute necessity to avoid disaster in case of failures in the system, emergencies or disasters. By keeping redundant copies of regular backups in different physical locations, recovery is faster and easier with such a nice backup plan.

4. PowerShell Scripts.

PowerShell scripts running on a Windows VPS handle memory intensive applications and data, scheduled to run at certain times. With PowerShell scripts, you can do any task using Windows and to delegate the workload for a VPS or more of a VPS. PowerShell scripts are useful for data collection (website scraping), data manipulation, and other helpful processes that generate business intelligence.

5. Remote Desktop.

If you host Windows applications in a Cheap Windows VPS, you can create a remote desktop that works and looks just like a normal desktop computer. Organizations benefit from using these terminals to achieve cost savings, because you no longer need expensive computer power in the workplace.

6. Hosting Databases.

SQL database hosting is a very popular application to run on a Windows VPS. This allows for the execution of SQL popular programs such as MS-SQL and MySQL. It also allows a SQL server to run as monitoring of backend applications and a transactions processing system for an E-commerce site.

7. Mission Critical Apps.

Redundancy is important for mission-critical applications, or applications that experience sudden increases in workloads. Using a Windows VPS to run multiple copies of these mission-critical applications allows real-time monitoring and load balancing for software services to be available 24/7 without service interruptions.

8. Remote Access Protocols.

By using the correct RDP, users can access the data using any OS from any global location, such as the use of devices that operate on MacOS, Linux, Android (smartphones and tablets), and Windows.

9. VPNs and SSHs.

VPS Windows can be configured to be a VPN and configured to run secure communication tunnels for the protection of data integrity and privacy of information.

10. Forex.

Forex systems need to be hosted in an environment where response times are super fast and measured in milliseconds, the site is always available, and the connections are resistant in the event of equipment failure. Downtown or delayed data transmission are completely unacceptable for the hosting of Forex systems because so much money is at stake in the fast-paced Forex trading.

11. Multiplayer Games Hosting.

One of the fun things to do is to use a Cheap Windows VPS to host multiplayer games and develop an online community of players.

12. Hosting Windows Apps.

VPS Windows can host any of the popular Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Access, Power Point, and Outlook. In addition, the VPS can host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRP) applications. This allows multiple users the ability to access these applications, contribute to them, and always have the system updated in real time.

Using a VPS Windows continues to increase in popularity and includes hosting virtually any software application out there that runs the Windows operating system.