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Windows VPS runs on an operating system from Microsoft called Windows Server. This unique windows VPS systemis used for hosting websites that allow customers to install software that do not require the permission of the service provider administration. This comes in handy for customers who use highly customized software applications like Forex VPS systems that need to be hosted in a way that allows for super-fast response times. As a serious Forex trader it is important to keep your MetaTrader platform running all the time and which is resilient to equipment failure.

With cheap windows VPS you can build a virtual private server and select the kind of package you want. On this system you can configure the server to do just about anything as it has plenty of functionality. The windows VPS system is also able to host many useful applications and services. A Windows VPS can be configured to be a VPN and this can run secure communication channels for the protection of data. This is why a number of companies use Windows VPS to run their email services. This way the companies can control who sees the data as they do not have to go through shared service systems.

By hosting Windows applications on a cheap Windows VPS, you can create virtual desktop that operates and looks exactly like a regular desktop computer. These applications are hosted on cloud so you save the power in running these applications on a real desktop. The Windows Server can be configured to allow you have virtual desktop sessions by using Active Directory authentication. Another popular application that is run on Windows VPS is the SQL database that runs MS-SQL and MySQL. The SQL server can be used for tracking and transaction processing for E-commerce websites.

A Windows VPS can be configured with features that meet your organization’s core objectives. Applications like Microsoft Office, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook can all be hosted on the Windows VPS. From here multiple users can access these applications and even contribute to them so that the system is always updated. In addition this VPS system can also host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRP). Since the system keeps regular backups of data in different global localities so any data loss is recoverable in real time.

PowerShell scripts are created to automate tasks inside of Windows. They can be automated to handle memory and data intensive applications. The task can be scheduled to run at certain times. Since PowerShell scripts take up a lot of memory it is a good idea to host them on Windows VPS. In fact a lot of companies have begun to use PowerShell for business intelligence tasks like data manipulation and data scraping.

Another popular use for a Windows VPS is to host multiplayer games which require you to build an online community for participating in these games. In fact cheap Windows VPS is becoming popular for hosting a number of software applications that run on the windows system.